Powerful display


It was just after midnight, I was closing down the house and heading to bed. Turning off a few lights and wandering around as I did. Some flashes of light caught my eye, and I made my way to the sliding door that leads onto a back deck.

Lightning. An absolutely brilliant display of it.

I didnít actually see any lightning, but the flashes of light were tremendous. It was a back and forth effort, triggered every four or five seconds, off to the left and then from the right.

It wasnít really raining. It did, but not steady. The storm was close but not on top of us. So, you had that wonderful scenario that occasionally hits where the storm was there, surrounding you, but you were basically an observer.

The storm itself hovered in the area for almost two hours. By the time morning arrived, the ground was wet and the skies were blue. For anyone that slept through it, chances are good that the belief would be that rain passed by in the darkness. And those thoughts would be completely off the mark for what really swept across the area.

It makes me wonder about other things where the evidence seems so obvious, but the results could be so wrong.

Weeding the other day. Nothing too exciting there. Arrived at a couple of plants with damage that suggests leaves had been eaten. Probably a deer.

The first reaction to such a thing is that a deer was enjoying a snack barely five-feet from our front door. The second reaction was wondering if it actually was a deer.

Apparently, chipmunks and rabbits love hosta leaves as well. This might not be the work of deer crossing my yard in the middle of the night.

All of which brings about this: Who is eating the leaves? Obviously, that seems like a pretty straightforward item, and not much of a twist. But play out the full scenario. If you think deer are eating your plants, you might find yourself debating different types of fences to install. That can get pretty expensive, physically demanding, and take away from the overall visual appeal. Those are three lovely things to endure, only to finish the project and have a group of chipmunks involved that are undeterred by such an obstacle.

Now, some of you right now are thinking about this idea. Youíre debating mysteries that have been going on around your home, or maybe thinking of things that were solved in very unexpected ways. You might even specifically need to address some chipmunks that have been running around. Iím not sure I can help you out. I donít know the answers at my house.

(And a few of you are wondering how the hell I made the switch from lightning to chipmunks.)

What I can say about all of this is simple: Enjoy.

Yup. Enjoy. Thatís it. Because the reality of all of this is pretty basic. Youíre either going to try and solve the mystery (or fix it), or, youíre not (or canít).

If you plan on investing the time and energy into righting whatever is wrong, then Iím going to wish you luck and hope it works out. So, yeah, enjoy.

If youíre not going to put some work in, then whatever you decide to do instead I hope goes well. Again, enjoy. (And if it means you find some great show streaming while looking around for other things to do, donít be afraid to share.)

Finally, if itís something like a tremendous display of lightning, and weíre not talking about incredible loss and destruction, then just take it all in. Enjoy.


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