Oreos finished it off for me… time for products to return to what they are


I’m officially calling an end to all the fancy and limited edition flavors of our favorite brands. (And, in some cases, all the fancy and limited edition flavors of struggling to survive and hoping to catch lightning in a bottle with something people suddenly notice brands.)

Unfortunately, people are too busy praising the genius of Lay’s Southern Biscuits and Gravy chips to pay any attention to my declaration ending such nonsense.

For most of this amazing run… which has taken over everything from beverages to ice cream to chips to cookies… I’ve just sat to the side and shaken my head. Until…

Cookie Dough Oreos.

I’ll admit it, this might seem like a strange turning point.

After all… Nabisco has treated us to all sorts of Oreo special editions. Gingerbread is one of those flavors. Lemon Twist and Watermelon are others. And when I heard there was a Candy Corn Oreos out there… well, I’m pretty much convinced there isn’t a person in the world that likes actual candy corn, so it would probably have been natural for me to jump off the wagon and start a rant then and there. But I didn’t.

I know people that love the Birthday Cake Oreos… which, if I recall correctly, were created to celebrate a special milestone for Oreos, and so I gave them even more leeway and acceptance.

S’More Oreos hit the shelves, and I admit I was intrigued by those.

Still… again… it was those Cookie Dough Oreos.

Let’s be honest… when you are an absolute top of the line signature brand, there isn’t much wiggle room when it comes to change and experimentation. (Anyone want to discuss New Coke? And there you go.) And there shouldn’t be… because there is no need to be wiggling or experimenting.

Oreos are classic… Oreos are amazing… and there is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for Oreos to try to be a chocolate chip cookie.

And that’s when I’d given up.

It makes no sense. In a slightly different way of describing it… chips should be served with a Rueben, not be the Rueben.

Personally, I think we should all be ashamed of ourselves. And I’ll begin writing a thorough chastising for us soon. (First though, I need to track down and sample a bag of Lay’s West Coast Truffle Fries, because those sound pretty good.)

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