Mowing the lawn


Went out for a walk this morning. One of the observations? Everyone in the neighborhood has recently mowed their lawn.

In fairness, I just returned from a month in Australia. For four weeks, I was at least one of the holdouts. My yard fell into the not mowed category. Could have been the only one. More likely one of a handful.

Took a bit to catch up, but after mowing the lawn a couple of times, mowing and edging and weeding over the past few days, things around my house are looking pretty good. (Which absolutely could be part of the reason my sightlines extended and I noticed what everyone else was doing.)

That understood, the reality is that this doesnít happen with any consistency. (Not my fault. (Usually.)) Often, there are reasons that make sense. Around a few corners are farms. Those donít get mowed too often. There are fields often overgrown during the better weather so the hay can be cut down a couple of times. Then there are two sections that were formerly used as dirt access roads, but have long gone untended.

But by and large, itís a nice community and well cared for. So, mowed or not, looks nice, which is great. Still, I do wonder.

Just over a decade ago, some friends were looking for a new house. I was out with them one day on their searches. They had done their homework, assembled a list of potential properties, and off we went. House after house after house took several minutes to identify as we neared.

Sure, our directions had put us exactly where we thought we were going. But the properties we were sitting in front of and the pictures of those properties had nothing in common. Nothing. Looked completely different. The pictures were taken from specific angles. They were cropped. They were up close and zoomed in and focused on very specific portions and not the whole.

You didnít get to see the damaged framing and wood. You didnít get to see the garbage strewn around the property. You didnít know the lawn hadnít been mowed, possibly in years.

We always found this amazing. After all, the properties were up for sale. Seems like a good motivator to do a bit of work around the yard. It was stunning to find that again and again (and again and again), the exteriors were in such bad shape. On none of themóNONE of themódid we think about placing calls or looking for more or trying to see the inside.

Everyone is a bit different. There are some folks that leave dirty dishes in the sink for a day or two, others that canít stand to see a dirty dish near the sink and wash everything immediately. Occasionally, thereís nothing too deep to examine, as it seems to be the way were wired.

But then again, maybe not. I like my house to be clean. I take care of things. But overall, if the choice is washing dishes or heading out for a drink with friends, Iím picking the drink. If the lawn needs to be mowed or thereís a chance to catch a movie, Iím probably heading to the theater. Iím happy to put stuff off, procrastinate a bit, and get to my to do list in a day or two if thereís something else to enjoy.

Iím not headed down a rabbit hole exploring motivation and accountability here (even though, yeah, I guess maybe I am). What Iím trying to figure out is simply where lines are crossed and how come lawns are getting mowed. You know, deeply thought out, scientific stuff.

Anyway, the yards look nice. At least for a week to ten days. Then the cycle starts all over again. (The people doing it twice a summer might be on to something.)


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