Leaves of change


The leaves have begun to turn around the house.

That’s a bit unusual… though the northeastern United States has been providing unusual weather for quite some time.

During the winter season of 2014-2015, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts enjoyed a stretch with the ground covered in snow of amazing depth. The reports came out of Boston that the last evidence of snow had disappeared. And sure… the snow in question was melting from a massive pile located in a lot used for placing snow as the city cleared its streets and other areas. Still… the announcement was made in mid-July.

In upstate New York the temperatures were beyond ridiculous. One morning in March an announcement was made that, as I recall, involved the note that since January 1, 2015, more the two dozen times the sun rose over a landscape enduring negative temperatures. And while I may be a bit off (for instance, might have been something like 23 mornings between the first of the year and March 6th), the fun reality was this… for the month of February 2015, Syracuse, New York, reported an average temperature of single digits.

I’ll say that again.

For the month of February… 28 days… the average temperature of those days was below ten degrees Fahrenheit. Heck… the average low temperature, for the month of February, was below zero. (Yippee!)

And so here we are, at the end of what I honestly feel has been a beautiful summer, and the leaves are already beginning to change colors and curl up… already beginning to fall.

I suppose someone out there will have some amazing theory or explanation about what is going on with the weather. You know, something that investigates how global warming will lower the temperatures of the ocean… increase snow accumulations… or some other item that may be fact, may be fiction, but still ignores the basic foundation of how we treat the planet so poorly.

But I didn’t come here to discuss global warming or chaotic never-seen-before-in these-parts weather developments.

I just so happened to noticed the leaves.

Last weeks of August, out mowing the lawn, and I’m already beginning to see leaves all over the yard. First days of September, and a quick look around confirms virtually all of the trees are already preparing for autumn. The peak color display is threatening to arrive early this year.


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