I’ve got just the box for that


The other day I was tearing around the kitchen looking for a container. Simple story… Terry was bringing some things in to work with her, brownies and cupcakes if you must know, and I needed to find her something for the cupcakes.

The more I looked, the more frustrated I was getting, and as I began rattling off ideas for any possible alternatives I found myself daydreaming a bit about my childhood. I recalled how often an old clothing box from a department store might be brought in to service for transporting a dozen or so cupcakes or muffins from point a to point b.

Eventually my wife reminded me that we had some containers in the basement. One of them was… because, of course… a container with a tray inside intended for cupcakes. But I kept wondering about those old clothing boxes.

Remember them? Seems like those were the days where every time you were making a purchase in a department store you’d ask if they had a box for it. You’d use it for gift wrapping. (And the identifying of it by the recipient was the giveaway on a birthday or holiday that the next gift was likely not quite as exciting… a shirt or pants, and definitely not a two-foot-high robot with launchable fists or rockets.)

Another thing we did in those days was use paper bags from grocery stores and repurpose them for covering schoolbooks. And, for another, we took boxes that might have been used for new dress shirts, were absolutely clean, and reused them for transporting food to a party.

More than I care to admit, I find myself walking around the house wondering what I’m walking around the house for.

I’ve forgotten.

I’ve barely moved five feet. I got out of the chair at the table, began walking toward the refrigerator, and before I even get to the fridge I have no idea why I was heading to it.

Usually, my problem is that I’m walking around, looking for something to put another thing in, and have no clue where that thing might be. Unfortunately, increasing the problems, I usually have no clue if we even have what I’m looking for.

Something for cupcakes? I have no idea where the right size container is for the leftovers from dinner… can’t remember where I put the empty box for Christmas lights after I decorated now that I’m taking the lights down and want to store them again… couldn’t tell you if we have any more bulbs for the outside light fixture… and will stare at you as if I didn’t hear the question while wondering where the blanket I took off the bed when I changed the sheets might be now that I’m making it.

Something for cupcakes? Yeah… that’s funny.

A few months ago, one of my sisters and her family gave me a tremendous gift. It was a six-month subscription to one of those monthly boxes. This particular one involves snacks from around the world… different country each month, and it is really cool.

The part of the gift that truly fascinates me, for reasons I still don’t understand, is the shipping box. It’s a quality box. Nice size. Seemed really versatile the first time I saw it… seemed really versatile every time after… and still makes me shake my head when it arrives now. Kind of box you don’t break down because you just know you’ll use it for something because it’s a really good box. I’m just at a loss for what that might be.

Oh… wait… of course… cupcakes! It would be perfect for a dozen cupcakes.

(Except… we have a container for that already.)


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