Iconic new styles


It was an advertisement I came across. A tag line Iíve seen used before. Promoted a product available in what was termed iconic new styles.

And itís that phrasing that makes me roll my eyes. Itís like those banners and packaging for the latest version of an existing product that claim new and improved. If the product is new, itís not improved. If the product is improved, itís not new.

Without heading to a dictionary, I think most of us understand the ideas surrounding using a word like iconic. It relates to something that is for the most part established and recognizable, even when removing the considerations created by time.

Now I have heard the debate that iconic tends to lend itself toward more recent developments. Idea here would be when bringing up a term like classic. Classic equals old. Iconic for more recent memory. Iím willing to consider such ideasÖ but thereís still a problem.

Iconic seems to get thrown around for way too many items that havenít earned most of the elements necessary for the definition.

But this wasnít meant to be an essay about iconic new styles.

Not completely. Iím not trying to start a debate about iconic that follows the template of the one often surrounding irregardless.

Instead, Iím finding myself a bit frustrated by the neon sign marketing approaches where, apparently, Iím supposed to be swept away by the brilliance of something that hasnít even shown it deserves credit for any level of quality or approval.

Have you ever opened up a clothes dryer? Itís a giant metal bucket, being spun around by a rubber belt while a really strong hair dryer blows into it.

Some of you may be laughing right now. For the others, I simply hope you will kindly understand the intended absurdity of my description. I get that a clothes dryer has a bit more going on than a belt spinning a bucket while hot air blows in. But the idea is soundÖ there hasnít exactly been a massive development in new clothes dryer technologies or designs over the years. Itís the same darn thing. Drum, belt and a lot of hot air.

Washing machines got front loadersÖ kitchen ranges have all sorts of new designs, bells and whistles. Clothes dryers? Not all that fancy, new or improved.

Weíve even reached a point where double-sink counters in a home bathroom might qualify for iconic status. Again, clothes dryers? Yawn.

Sure, there are people that want me to be impressed that my home appliances can send me e-mails and texts and alerts and more. Which isÖ you knowÖ


I guess.

Honestly, I donít really care.

I think double-sinks in the bathroom are a waste. I donít get it. Not for me. If you like them, good for you. Iím not impressed.

I also donít need my washing machine reaching out to my smartphone to let me know the towels are finished. I suppose itís a nice feature. I absolutely have been upstairs, forgotten I was doing laundry, and lost three or fours hours when I could have moved stuff to the dryer and gotten the next load of laundry moving along.

When you donít have a smartphone, you donít care about the salesman telling you about all the great things your new appliance can connect with you to do. You just want the machine to wash your clothes at an affordable price while lasting for several years. But thatís probably wandering a bit too far down a side street. Letís get back on track (or at least try)Ö

The same way smartphones and social media and streaming services and more have swept into daily lives, becoming so familiar that even those not using them understand a bit of the basics, I am certain there are new things in development that will sweep us all away. Weíll be astounded. Weíll be amazed. Many will become iconic. Most of us will even be happy.

That does not mean that all of them will.

Just some.

And if anyone is listening, inventing a dryer that will also fold your clothes is something Iíd be willing allow the title of iconic new design immediately upon release. EVERYONE will appreciate one of those.


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