An open letter on Facebook…


I just want to let you guys know I don’t think I’ll be using the new dislike button around here... at all…

I get the intention behind it. Sometimes we share stories that don’t feel good… losing a loved one, learning of an illness… and the idea is that it isn’t something we like, and such a button allows us to show support for each other by expressing “I don’t like that”.

But here’s the thing… we have the ability to post comments… we have the ability to send private messages… and many of us, as friends, have e-mail addresses and phone numbers… so if we want to send a note, say something, or reach out to each other, we can.

I don’t want to dislike something. I don’t want to be negative about something. If you use your posts to show us what came off the grill for dinner tonight… to tell us about something awesome your kids did... to make us aware of an article, joke, or something funny... to bring some attention to your own accomplishments… then GOOD FOR YOU! I’m all for it. Let’s have some fun and enjoy life.

Facebook has allowed me to do things that I wish I could have done 20 or 30 years ago. Stay connected with friends… heck, re-connect with friends... and just in general get some news about you folks that I might not have learned or been aware of otherwise. And I wish I could exchange more with you than I get to.

I’m not saying a dislike button is a bad thing. I am not asking you to not use it if you are so moved. Please… go ahead… use it. I’m just hoping we can all take that one extra second before clicking on it, and somehow keep things positive and supportive.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Many of you may have heard that Facebook is introducing a new button… and soon, along with like and share and so on, according to the reports I’ve seen, you will be able to dislike.

Above is something I posted to Facebook about it.

It’s nothing special. I’m just tired of people that get angry and strike out in negative ways toward people, and I’m hoping that some users don’t get “dislike” happy, and start clicking it for things as a statement.

So… like I said… if you use it, great, it’s there to be used. Just show some consideration for others.

If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail me at