Do I need to say this again?


As the date arrives, and clocks are being adjusted, I often chuckle at so many of the stories found in all corners of the internet.

The reasons why daylight savings is a good idea.

The reasons why daylight savings is a bad idea.

The reasons why this sate or that country doesnít use daylight savings at all.

The reasons why daylight savings started.

The reasons why daylight savings should end.

And itís not the number of stories about daylight savings, or the slight variation of a daylight savings theme, that creates the laughter on my end. Itís that the stories are exactly the same as the ones we read roughly six months ago. And roughly six months before that. AndÖ repeat. Year after year, twice per year, slightly adjusted based only on whether the change is a spring forward or a fall back move.

Fine, itís not exactly every six months. Itís also not just daylight savings. For me, itís the stories that we see, repeated time and again and presented as if brand new, though presenting no new twists or turns or details. Just the same stuff over and over again.

Consider the lottery.

Get the jackpots high enough and suddenly the news is covering all the excitement. And they do it as if theyíve never previously told us the top mistakes lottery winners make, the first steps every lottery winner should take, or the best ways to use lottery winnings.

I hate it.

Ok, hate is a strong word. Probably not even the right word.

But I donít even click the links anymore, since there are only so many times you need to hear not to tell anyone that youíve won for as long as possible, that itís important to have a good team of accountants and lawyers in place before you make your claim, and to think before making any silly purchases. Much the same way as learning about utilizing daylight hours better and the ways that relates to energy usage, weíve seen this all before.

Itís not that the information is wrong, instead itís that the information is stale plus the source wants us to believe itís new.

My wife often says the reason she doesnít read my books with any regularity is because sheís heard the stories before. All of them. Several times.

She hears them when they first pop into my head and Iím working on developing them. She hears them when Iím producing rough drafts and kicking around older thoughts I might toss aside or newer ideas I might incorporate. She hears them when essays get finalized and posted on my web site or when manuscripts move along to final drafts.

She hears them. Over and over, perhaps dozens of times in some cases, long before the package containing my new release arrives at the house. Nice to see the bookÖ congratulations to meÖ but yeah, sheís not settling in with a copy unless she canít get to sleep. Fair enough.

Daylight savings means different things to different people. Standing in the dark and waiting for a school bus. An extra hour of light before sunset. Whether or not you need the headlights when you drive home. Just a few ideas.

ButÖ until the day arrives when daylight savings disappears entirelyÖ itís not a new story.

Now, does anyone know a place nearby where I can grab some lottery tickets?


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