Divine cow is Mickey Mouse claim

“Holy cow” seems to be the most common headline associated with the story. A calf in Connecticut was born with a cross-shaped white mark on its forehead.

Now before we get too deep into this story, allow me to refer you to another article. See… when I visited the version of the Connecticut cow story that I have linked to above, there was another story available off to the side… about Jesus and the toilet door in Ikea.

And the thought this creates for me is… well… isn’t this getting old for people? I suppose not. In recent years you could use a search engine for Jesus, Mary and… yes… Mickey Mouse and get a ton of images. Articles would tell you about people… supposedly sane and clear-thinking people, though I have my doubts… making actual travel plans and personal sacrifices to see the so-called shrines in person. In fact, as I write this…

“Jesus seen in” will bring you to links claiming Jesus has appeared on toast, a grilled cheese sandwich, the plate of an iron, grease in a frying pan, and on an ultrasound. In fact… now get this one… the ultrasound and toast were listed well before results that referenced people looking for Jesus in their daily lives. Seriously… use my search words, “Jesus seen in”… and note that I didn’t ask for strange places or a sighting of his image. I asked where he had been seen. I asked for “Jesus seen in” and Google told me grilled cheese sandwiches.

How about Mary?

“Mary seen in” brings us a griddle in California, ice, and even… the link I had is no longer active, but you get the idea and likely will believe this, so I’m keeping it here because this one is really funny… bird poop.

Oh… it gets better… because in the bird poop link you can read about how Cristal Pachuca considers the poop a miracle. A miracle! With friends and neighbors stopping by to pray and take their picture with the poop.

(I’ll pause a moment so you can join me in a moment of solemn eye rolling and head shaking. Praise Jesus! Praise that pigeon!)

Many years ago I went to Disney World. Visited the Magic Kingdom and went through an area that featured a cow with the Mickey logo on its side. I can’t even link you to a story on it because I can’t find one. But I seem to recall reading way back then about how Disney used to get claims all the time from people that had strange versions of hidden Mickeys for them. Most were get-rich-quick attempts and scams. Occasionally though, they would actually be interested in a claim and would send someone to check it out. And… rarely, I’m sure… they would obtain the item in question and put it on display. In this case… a cow with spots that looked like Mickey.

Funny thing… “Mickey seen in” doesn’t work the same way. Look for Jesus… get some toast. Search for Mickey and the same search criteria form gets you items like Mickey Mouse at Wikipedia, or a listing of the movies and cartoons Mickey has appeared in. It offers you the official Disney web site. It tells you about how to find Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. (Mickey buffs know what Oswald means.) And the first pages of many search engines don’t even mention the hidden Mickeys, which is a legendary subject that… personally… I find much more interesting (and authentic) than grilled cheese and bird poop. (Maybe that’s just me.)

I’m still trying to figure out what all of this means. Is there something deeper to the idea that so many people are looking for Jesus… and most find him in unusual places? Is it something missing, a sense of fulfillment or such, that has created a need in people to find significance in the bottom of a used frying pan or the way snow accumulates?

What I can tell you is that I’m not sure we have a holy cow here. I’m more likely to believe it’s an addition symbol and the calf is mathematically inclined. But the thing is, many people I know do look for significance in certain moments and images. And what they find… what they believe… is important to them.

Maybe the people that have found holy images in a variety of ways feel better because of it. I sure smiled when I saw Mickey on the cow that day. And while I may make fun of it, there are those that see it as more than coincidence. If they sleep better because of it… if they find some sort of contentment from it… than perhaps the joke is really on me.

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