I could only hope it wouldn’t get worse… (and then…)


Ok… here’s what I see as the major question…

It’s the next National Election Day. You’re a registered voter, you take that right seriously, and you have set off to cast your vote and let your voice be heard.

Are you really, honestly, seriously, going to vote for Donald Trump?

Come on… you’re not joking about that?

You truly believe that he’s a valid candidate, and can pull the lever… check the box… do whatever needs to be done in your particular setting for voting in an attempt to have him move into the White House and be our elected representative to the world?


And I thought I was scared before. (To get you started -- “I hope we haven’t met our next American President Part 1 – Who do you want? Who wants to be President? and then “I hope we haven’t met our next American President Part 2 – There’s something funny… except it’s so sad”)

After covering a lot of ground in those two essays, I finished with this thought…

And that is what politics in many ways has become. A joke. It’s not reality any more. It’s not a true representation of the best interests for the majority any more. It’s not the qualified leading those who need leadership any more. Elections are a game… and my life… your life… our country… are worth more than that.

I have no clue how Trump is getting solid poll numbers, or where his support is coming from.

Maybe… just maybe… there are people that find his words inspiring, or even refreshingly uncensored, and that they are truly representative of his beliefs. (It’s something pure, in an on-going age of politics where falling off the script and having opinions normally places a big target on your campaign and signifies the end of your run. Maybe.)

Again… I ask… even if you are kind of smiling and enjoying Trump the candidate… can you really vote for him?

He’s already displayed himself to be less mature than a self-absorbed child, completely unwilling to accept criticism, and possessing an attitude directly in opposition to any concept one might have of an effective political leader. In short… he’s a perfect ass. And that’s a general impression without tallying up all of his foot-in-mouth moments from just the past few weeks.

Certainly you can’t deny his accomplishments in the business world. He’s been able to find investors, supporters, and constantly be one of the most financially successful individuals in the country (and the world). Like him or not, the accomplishments are many and significant.

But I’m not sure that America is a business venture that can have its profit and loss statements turned around through bankruptcy courts.

(Ok… that last one was a cheap shot. Still… come on… Trump for President? THAT seems like a cheap shot where the punch line will hurt all of us.)

Maybe I’m expecting too much. Perhaps wanting someone that recognizes that there are problems, respects us as a nation and as individuals, and understands that we need leadership and results that work instead of trailblazing for catch phrases and bullet points that move poll numbers in the right direction is too much.

Silly me.

Here’s how I finished Part 1 of those essays I noted earlier…

…I can guarantee you that if 70% of those eligible show up on Election Day, politicians will be wondering what the hell happened. Because none of them are expecting that many of us to invest the time in our country’s future. That would bring about some interesting conversations, and possibly even some changes.

So do your research. Find out which candidate really will be the best for you. You have some time… and maybe, over the next year or so, some really interesting people to consider. And then, vote. That’s the most important part. Not the actual person you vote for… but to cast an actual vote for the one you want.

If you want to avoid the same old game, you need to change the game.

Please, please, please folks… do at least a bit of work, and then vote. Let’s at least try to have an election season different than the one that is beginning to take shape.


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