Costco and dryer balls


Do you use dryer balls? Those tennis-ball-size things with bumps by design that usually come in a blue plastic. Those.

Do you use them?

We do.

I’ve heard all sorts of things about them. Usually the biggest claim is how they speed up the process, reducing the amount of time you need for drying clothes. I’ve also heard they assist in softening fabrics, to the point that you won’t need to use those sheets of fabric softeners. And I’ve heard that they separate the clothes, keeping them from clinging and bunching.

I don’t know about the increased speed or fabric softening capabilities. Never really tried to measure either. I do know I still have problems when I dry sheets… they continue to roll together and start bump-bump-bumping until I hear it, stop the dryer, and pull the sheets apart. And, those sheets are still wet from having rolled together into one big ball.

Most reputable places offering reviews that I’ve seen say that the results don’t show much of a difference. No real pros to tossing them in. No real cons. The concept, so goes the research, is actually sound. The idea of agitating the clothing, allowing it to separate and not clump, makes sense. But the softening fabric part? Tough one to verify.

Still… we use them around here. And, recently, two of the ones we have used for years pretty much died on us. Breaking apart. Need to be replaced. (That is one positive aspect about things. They basically last for years. Buy a pair of them for under $10, which would be way over their usual price, and you probably would find that it averaged out to a cost of about a penny per load to put them in the dryer.)

Thanks to some guy named Murphy… you know, because, of course… when you aren’t looking for dryer balls, they’re everywhere in every store. And when you are trying to find them… well, good luck.

Terry and I shop at Costco. More often than not, I like to take her there during the buffet hours. (For those familiar with Costco, you know exactly what I mean. For those unfamiliar with Costco, that would be during the times when all the free sample stations are open.)

Since the joys of Costco are the bulk sizes that provide the savings, we normally have two shopping lists going at any time. One for the generic items. One for the next Costco run. And the other day while re-writing and updating… well… consideration of the lists merged.

I wonder what would happen if dryer balls ended up on the Costco list. Do they sell them in bulk? Would there be room in the dryer for clothes? How many do I need to use to live up to the reputation?

Important questions.

(I think.)

We have a Costco run coming up this week. I almost definitely will not be buying dryer balls during our visit. I might be tempted into an unexpected purchase after trying one or two of the samples. But dryer balls? Doubtful.

But much as I’d like to get it off of our list, I’m not in any hurry. Laundry is getting done. Nothing has come to a sudden stop. I just find myself wondering if the bulk-buy store sells them. And, if they do, how many in a package?

(I need to find my lists. I just remembered we need juice.)


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