Even those that cannot cook have favorite recipes


A few days ago, I started a new thing on my social media pages. I began asking daily questions.

Nothing too amazing. Just basic stuff designed to create a bit of conversation. The initial ones asked about favorite songs involving rain and the best meal worthy of traveling to enjoy it.

One day I asked a question that got a tremendous response.

“If you had to prepare it, what is your favorite meal?”

Thanks to some fantastic people that regularly visit my site and play these games, the answers never disappoint. For this one? Here we go…

“Ben & Jerry’s or Haagen-Dazs.”


Really. That’s simply awesome. It’s perfect, truth be told.

Years ago, I wrote some material for my department at work. In an attempt to add a bit of humor, we included a column that I ghostwrote under the name of a co-worker that had a well-understood personality and everyone knew.

One column featured a few of his favorite recipes. For example, a bowl of cereal. And yes… open box, pour into bowl, add milk. If was exactly everything you would expect.

Trick was, to make it work, it was exactly what all of us that knew him would expect and nothing more. I like to think that’s why it worked. We all understood: (1) He would never personally make anything without alcohol that had more than three ingredients, and a bowl would be considered an ingredient. (2) Part of “cooking” for him was FAR more likely to involve car keys and knowing the directions to where he was going to pick up his takeout order than it was to include preheating an oven.

I should point out, he was not the one suggesting ice cream as something he prepared for himself.

The beauty of the whole thing though is this… when it comes to cooking, those fixing a bowl of cereal or slightly warming a pint of ice cream in the microwave don’t care about your critiques.

They don’t care about the proper ways to cook an egg. They don’t care about anyone making jokes about their knowledge of a kitchen. They don’t care about the best frying pans, clear instructions in recipes, or anything more complicated than toast.

They’ve figured out how to find food, have a meal, and are perfectly satisfied with their own situation. Cheerios and Haagen-Dazs? Perfection.

That approach to life is something I can appreciate.

There is absolutely something to be admired and appreciated when it comes to people that can create incredible culinary offerings. Amazing breakfast and lunches… awesome treats and snacks… fabulous entrees and side dishes… beautiful desserts. The talent can be wonderful to witness, and there is something beautiful in seeing a person effortlessly move around a kitchen.

There’s also a lot to be said for a carton of Ben & Jerry’s.

No matter what questions I may develop in the future, the fun is that there will always be different opinions and different tastes. And honestly, as long as you’re enjoying your choices and not judging mine… cheers to you.

And now, if someone would please pass the coffee toffee bar crunch, I’d like to kick back and settle in for the evening.


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