Cake day on my calendar


Was texting the other day. Meant to write calendar. I didn’t.

I have no clue what I originally texted. Autocorrect took over, as it so often does, and replaced whatever gobbledygook I wrote with something else. For whatever reason though, instead of making the move I imagine just about all of us routinely make to send the text while spotting the error later, I actually caught it.

What autocorrect had done was adjust whatever letters I had combined while intending to write calendar and inserted cake day.

Cake day.


There it was.

And I found myself wanting some cake.

It was a new feeling for me. No, not the cake. The text. After all, we can all relate to the damn autocorrect follow up text virtually every one of us has sent when we spot a change to what we thought we had pieced together.

Cake day, though, yeah. That one was different. Funny. And how did my smartphone… the same one that has made so many mistakes that looked absolutely undecipherable later on… know that I might want some cake? (Or, better yet, an entire day of cake?)

Once in a while—and with technology, once in a great while, a really rare while—something unintended works out in a marvelously unexpected way.

Do you buy lottery tickets? Every so often I do. And when filling out the slip to select my numbers, there have been times when I make a mistake. Let’s say I want 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 10 and 12, but fill in the little boxes for 2 – 4 – 6 – 8 – 9 and 12. What to do? Easy. You buy a ticket for the error slip and then fill out another one for the choices you wanted to make.

Could you imagine filling out the winning numbers, by accident, tossing aside while saying “oops” only to have to live with that one actually winning? Of course not, because you buy the darn error as well.

The thing is, I haven’t yet had to figure out how to accept my multimillion dollar lottery ticket error winnings. So, I’m not sure if that counts.

But the reality of the idea does apply. The world isn’t a perfect place. Mistakes and trips and miscalculations and falls and tongue twisters happen all the time. Perfection is… to be a bit silly and perhaps way too philosophical… imperfect.

Which brings us back to celebrating cake day. An unintended mistake that works. I even liked the idea that while I meant to type calendar, autocorrect made a selection to replace it was a celebration I would put on a calendar. Kind of a full circle connection, a happy accident when more often you’re left wondering how the heck the word inserted was even remotely associated with what you were typing.

For those of you that may be wondering, the best way to end this essay is letting you know that national cake day is November 26th according to most sites that track and list such unofficially official dates. And because… well, yes, cake… January 27th is national chocolate cake day. You’re welcome.

Celebrate however you wish. Celebrate on as many days as you wish. Add it to your calendar. And, text your friends to remind them.


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