An average ordinary day


What makes for an average day? I mean, for you.

I hope this finds you healthy and happy.

Iíd love to hear things are amazing. But honestly, Iíve arrived at a point where going to bed and waking up healthy and happy is likely more important than anything else. So, as a beginning, sincerely, I hope youíre healthy and happy, and hope thatís an ongoing thing.

What Iím off thinking about though is wondering what makes a standard, basic, nothing high and nothing low day.

A few days ago, I had a really basic bad day. Nothing truly horrible. But a basic bad. I woke up, opened the fridge, and realized I hadnít taken the bacon out of the freezer the day before. That changed breakfast plans. The changes to my anticipated start continued when I realized I hadnít run the dishwasher, so most of the mugs were dirty and I really didnít want to invest the effort in washing one just for the cup of hot cocoa I was craving. I walked across the kitchen to the sliding doors into the back yard. Opened then blinds and saw it had snowed. Enough that I was going to need to head out and work in the driveway.

And thatís enough to give you the idea of what I mean. Nothing was actually a problem. Not even close. Just a collection of inconveniences. I had plenty of orange juice, the toast and cereal were wonderful, and I managed to get a bit of fresh air and some exercise.

Was I happy with a shovel in my hands? No. But it wasnít an emergency or a crisis. Healthy and happy, all is fine.

Terry and I try to invest time with each other. Could be playing cards. Might even be just watching television. When it comes to average days, generally we try to do a few things together, make dinner, and settle in around the house. Thatís an average day.

The world has changed over the past year or so. Heading out for a meal, enjoying a trip to the movie theater, visiting with friendsÖ all effectively shut down, and we all understand that.

Depending on what you do for work, an average day can end up being designed around that. What hours you need to work, whether or not you have a commute, and even things like when you eat and who you may be with when you do can be designed around your occupation.

Some people we know are involved in taking care of their grandchildren. An average day involves getting moving and heading out for a few hours to babysit as a result.

A handful are invested in their homes. Maybe a garden or assorted activities and upkeep are handled each and every day.

A couple of friends call members of their familyóparents, kids, siblingsóevery day.

I donít go shopping every day. I try to call my parents often, but it doesnít happen every day. I try to make our meals, do some writing, spend some time with Terry, and Iíll almost always do a bit of cleaning (if only to keep the dishes from piling up). Hardly amazing, perhaps bordering on routine, and purely average for us.

People talk about a return to normal. Getting back to things as usual. And I do understand. But for me, the really special things will be when the world gets back to a point where I donít have to think about doing anything above average. Back to a time when I can travel out of state without considering restrictions. Back to a time when I can pay attention to release dates and not whether or not the local cinema has any show times.

I hope this finds you healthy and happy. I hope youíre having some good, average days. And I look forward to seeing you again once we can move beyond the basics.


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