Am I bored?


Occasionally the answer is yes.

Yes, Iím bored.

But Iíve been wondering about that lately. Not because I feel bored, or because Iíve had anything particularly exciting going on or planned. Instead, because Iím kicking around the similarities between what some folks might consider boring but actually is exactly what someone else wants to be doing.

Friend of mine has his own business. A few recent changes have created a bit of scattershot havoc for him around the place. Kids live in two different states and have some things going on. Parents have been providing a bit of a scareÖ thankfully nothing too crazy and theyíre ok, but silly enough moments that emergency room visits have been involved. And then, because crazy lives there, he and his wife got a new puppy.

You would not refer to his life as boring.

But hereís the funny thing. It might be. Iím not saying anything is wrong. Not critiquing it. Just saying that a lot of the things happening can be chalked up to life. You wake up, go to work, take care of those you love, maybe invest a bit of time in an activity or two, go to bed, wake up, repeat. Thatís life, with the occasional need to get new tires for the car or deal with the broken doorknob on the hall closet (because with a new puppy, you donít have enough to do).

But some people would consider routine to be boring. They would think of everyday life as boring. The exciting stuff would be a trip to a place youíve never visited, learning a new language, and all sorts of other things that provide a bit of a challenge. Things that give you some physical or mental challenges.

Thereís nothing wrong Ė or, honestly, boring Ė about settling in to a chair to watch that show youíve been thinking about, or grabbing a book and finding a place in an otherwise quiet house to read for a few hours. But there are lines we might agree onÖ

Watching a show youíve got no interest in just because itís too early to go to bed but too much of a commitment to find something you want to watchÖ thatís probably a reaction to being bored and not too much of a move away from it.

Often, life brings twists into play. For instance, you have a day set aside for mowing the lawn. Itís the only day when you have a couple of daylight hours free. And, because of course, it rains. Lawn work needs to get moved to a different day and you now have some time to invest elsewhere.

(Moments like this are why some of us have stacks of books to read in place, ready to go. Occasionally, Iíll use them to get in an extra call to my mother. Which, hereís a reminder, call yours. She worries.)

In a way, this debate Iím kicking around isnít too much different than eating because youíre hungry or eating because thereís nothing to do. Either way itís going to involve chocolate chip cookies, the real question is whether or not you immediately feel guilty about it because you should have done something else.

In the end, Iím guessing Iím not bored. Iíve got things to do, Moon Knight was fantastic, and the only thing Iím having troubles with is keeping my focus so I can attack a few bigger projects. But Iím getting things done and the weather is only just starting to improve for those outside jobs.

Still, I might need to find a few things to have ready in case there is some down time. Iíd feel better knowing I accomplished something this afternoon and didnít watch three hours of a baking show I hate while craving cake.


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